Beef Expo

The Agri-Business Council of the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce hosts the annual Norfolk Beef Expo, a live market calf show and auction, every September, at the Northeast Community College Chuck M. Pohlman Ag Complex.

The Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce Agri-Business Council intends to host the 72nd  Annual Norfolk Beef Expo, a calf show and auction open to youth throughout Nebraska, at Northeast Community College’s Chuck Pohlman Ag Complex on September 11th & 12th.

It is open to Nebraska youth  between the ages of 8 and 19 as of the previous January 1st. The Beef Expo is a tradition for many families and will be celebrating its 72nd year in 2021. Save the Date! The 2021 Beef Expo will be held September 11 – 12, 2021.

In 2020, the calf show had 98 entries from 25 Nebraska counties in competition for the grand champion market steer and market heifer titles. Exhibitors are also able to compete for prizes in the showmanship and team fitting contests.

Students interested in participating in the show must fully complete the Beef Expo Entry Form and Animal Care Form and submit them to the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce no later than September 7, 2021. Please carefully read and follow all Beef Expo Rules.

High school juniors and seniors who exhibit at the Beef Expo, and are planning to major in agri-business or a related field, may also apply for a $500 scholarship. The Beef Expo Scholarship Application must be received at the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce no later than October 15, 2021.

Friends, family and the general public are invited to attend and help support exhibitors. They may do so by participating in the premium auction that is held immediately following the 5 pm selection of champions, contributing to the “buyers pool,” and/or helping to sponsor this annual event. All buyers pool contributions go directly to the participants and are not used for the profit of the Agri-Business Council.

Please submit the Sponsorship Form with your payment to the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce no later than September 3, 2021, to be recognized in the show program.

For more information about the Norfolk Beef Expo, contact Jeny Albin at 402-371-4862 or

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